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Aric Braeden

Pilot's Logs


[ Basic Statistics ]

Name: Aric Cong Braeden

Called: Aric, Airy

Age: 29

DOB: June 3 2488

Gender: Male

Family: Parents, 2 older brothers, 1 older sister a younger brother and sister as well as aunts, uncles and cousins.

Occupation: Pilot on Nominus Umbra

Rank: Class 3 Agent

[ Physical Attributes ]

Height: 5ft 9in

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Appearance: Short black hair is generaly parted to one side and flipped over, groomed but looking just a bit out of place at all times except for his sideburns, which are perfectly groomed. A sharp, angular chin juts a bit, covered in a small patch of facial hair in attempt to cover his scar. His whole jawline is often covered in a few stray bits of stubble he appears to have missed while shaving. His nose, like jawline, is sharp and angular, sticking out from his face and his eyes are a unspectacular shade of blue. Pierced ears often sport two pairs of earings, with an extra one in the cartelidge of his left ear. On his upper right arm is a somewhat tribal, symbolic tattoo - the sort army buddies get together. Sightly short and of average frame and weight, his phyisque is one of defined muscles from military training and a certain care for appearance.

[ Skills ]

Education: Recieved top marks, one way or another, all through school until graduating early from college. He went to the best school's that money could buy, sometimes being shipped away to recieve this better education, although he prefered to stay at home. Unlike his other family, he wasn't very ambitious towards a job until joining the military.

Training: Recieved basic training in the military as well as specialized pilot training in the air force. Learned both tactics for solo missions and working with a team. He was brought into EP after the war for another two years of training involving a variety of vehicles, some strategy, weapons, and electronics.

Abilities: He can fly or drive anything between training and natural talent, is skilled in basic weapons (excelling at pistols and swords), is capable and knowledgeable about electronics, has some acting potential.

Weaknesses: Not very strong in hand to hand combat and excells in a very limited rage of weaponry. Wouldn't be able to carry out any missions involving deceit and disguise for long. He has some attitude and insubordination problems. He also has some temper problems, and has been known to throw the occasional fit. He is well aware of the things he's good at and flaunts it. He doesn't like to admit to being wrong.

[ Personal ]

Favorite Color: Grey

Hobbies: Reading, customizing the cockpit, messing with people's minds, playing pool, writing poetry, composing music and practising caligraphy. The last three aren't well known.

Personality: He is a nose-up-in-the-air snob. Aristocratic, cultured, rich, charming, and good-looking, he has everything going for him - and he knows it. More to the point, he has no shame in pointing it out and using it to his advantage, and he's known to flaunt it althoguh he prefers to instead poke with subtle jabs. In fact, he can be the sort to poke subtle jabs at people's weak points just for his own amusment, but only if they let him. He prefers to act casual rather than formal and is generally laid back with a superior air about him. He is, however, prone to an occasional fit of rage. Despite attitude problems, he always gets the job done and is loyal to his crew or his team - even if he's generally more loyal to himself. He considers himself somewhat of a 'stud' and never quite seems to learn to not mess around with crew or team members. He loves to fly. It's why he's never left the military and part of what makes him such a good pilot. Sometimes reckless, he's yet to have any accidents while flying and never seems to grow tired of doing the job.

[ History ]

Birthplace: Persephone

Biography: Aric was born into a wealthy, if large, Alliance friendly family. He grew up in an atmosphere of riches, education, social events, status, ambition and an air of snobbery. As he got older, he realized how few his prospects actually were despite the fact he could live comfortably off the family's money for the rest of his life. He also did not have the drive the rest of his family did to become a doctor, lawyer or other high-payed professional. He went to school and earned top marks, but spent most of his time socializing or just playing games and doing as he pleased. A couple years after the war broke out, he joined the army partially against his parents wishes. He considered infantry beneath him and joined the more competative air forces, where it was discovered he was a natural pilot. He had little talent for leading or coming up with strategy, however, and so never led a force. Instead, he was mostly used in intensive missions that required good flying and little leading. During the war his plane went down. He survived the crash, but was captured by enemy forces and quested about the Alliance's plans - of which he knew little. He was rescued a week later. He continued to fly similar missions after the war and found himself tapped into the Eclipse Project shortly thereafter for his ability to get the job done - even if he appears to be lazy or feels the need to snark about orders first.

History since joining EP: Aric doesn't have a terribly long history in EP. He spent around two years simply training for special operations and then another six in active duty. The first year was spent doing easy home-based missions until he was promoted from Cadet. He spent the next years guarding other ships through deep space and taking cargo and information from one place to another one lone missions during which he was quickly promoted to Agent Second class. After an encounter with some resistance on a convoy mission he and another saved the mission and shortly thereafter recieved a further promotions, moving him up to Third Class. Along with the promotion came a new assignment to a small crewed vessel. He piloted the ship for over two years when he had an altercation with his Captain and was removed from this ship for hitting a superior. After a few months grounded he was put back on active duty and placed on the Nominis Umbra. He excells when he puts his mind to it, but has noted attitude problems. He's a little wary given what happened to the last crew on the Nominis, although he'd never admit it out loud. He is also wary of the old crew, given what he's been told about the suspicious nature of the accident.

Secrets: Enjoys poetry, calligraphy and writing music and was briefly involved in a smuggling ring and has been seen in blackout zones before. Reportedly had a fiance at one point.

[ OOC]

Player: Emily

AIM: Madarivian

PB: Adrian Brody (But mostly my drawings)

Credit: user infor style ganked from wwx_jubilee on GJ

2488 - Year of the Rat - People born in the Year of the Rat are noted for their charm and attraction for the opposite sex. They work hard to achieve their goals, acquire possessions, and are likely to be perfectionists. They are basically thrifty with money. Rat people are easily angered and love to gossip. Their ambitions are big, and they are usually very successful. They are most compatible with people born in the years of the Dragon, Monkey, and Ox.